Trisha Drennan
Senior Archaeologist , Staff

Trisha Drennan has been working in the field of archaeology for 18 years and holds a Master of Science degree in maritime archaeology from the University of Southampton. She has received intensive training in her profession through several practical graduate field programs to include the University of Hawai'i and Florida State University. In addition she holds certifications in archaeological site survey and laboratory analysis; and is an Advanced PADI Open Water SCUBA and a Nautical Archaeology Society certified science diver. Ms. Drennan has led and managed cultural resource projects both in Hawai`i and California. She also participated in the South Tombs Cemetery excavation project in Tell el-Amarna, Egypt. She has authored and coauthored 100+ reports and publications; and is a NEA scholarship recipient on cemetery preservation and landscape studies, and cultural affiliation.

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